A place rich in natural resources and wild life, one that... 『 Hetalia One Shot 』 You meet yours on the day of your eighteenth birthday; and can't seem to decide as to whether or not it was meant to be. Fandom: Hetalia. This is a story which portrays Philippines' love life, slightly based on it's history. You may view this as a fanfic of Hetalia. 2/18/2015 c1 snm1 Are you gonna do anymore of these? Warning: there will be no yaoi, Yuri, and lemons. "Your letters smell sweet, just like a sakura tree." Title : Bottled-Up Notes It gives you the same humor, drama, and craziness Hetalia gives you. This is a book containing fictional account of the occupation of the Philippines that includes, the Spanish, British, American, and Japanese conquests for the Pearl of the Orient. Berliner Prussia X Piri ... Hetalia Philippines SherinaHime 20 2 Tungo sa Liwanag reddishpirate0614 38 5 Maid! Because haha, I'm kinda spamming my own message board, aren't I? My Immortal: Hetalia Style's "story" covers the seventh year of Arthur "Artuury" Dark'ness Kirkland Raven Way at Hogwarts School in England, as well as the lives of his Goth friends, especially Francis Bonnefoy and Vampire Jones. This is a list of some of the different rumours, misconceptions, and fan-theories related to the series and its characters. Literate Hetalia Roleplay. A story about Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient Seas. country oc template. I'm using my Philippines OC here since I'm basically from the Philippines. Genre: Humor, and Parody "Germany! Pairing: Sufin. Another Color is based off the original Hetalia, but they have completely different designs and fans theorize them as "evil and darker versions". They are commonly referred as 2P. England made sure to protect the baby, but after America effortlessly lifted a bison, England started to think America didn't need such protection. :) Stars, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction. Ask or/and Dare The Pinakahandsome in the whole world, The One and Only, Philippines! So for Homophobics, I suggest that... [Hetalia 4-Koma] Suki Desu! - Yahoo! Author: inharborlights. You can dare me to do whatever you want me to do, and ask whatevrnyou want me to answer. I was told this was bad, but IDK, let’s see what happens when I review it. This is my second ASEAN book!!!! Mostly friendship based, with hints of South Korea x Philippines here and there. Of course, out of all of them, Argentina still manages to adore Mami Lovi more than España. His human name is Âle Qillaq. Oct 10, 2015 - America is going to enjoy this one. I would be surprised if you don't, because everyone knows that one Asian country who always wins in beauty pageants. Members albino-otaku Shisui Uchiha's dumb House Wife Site info … And I mean a lot so, I'm going to fix some grammar mistakes and other confusions. Desperate. Philippines (Clara) switches worlds, due to some kind of accident with one of Singapore's experiments (England tried to add one magical touch to the potion). FanFiction. ;) Written on the 4th of July, posted on Fanfiction.net on the 5th of July, and now on AO3 on the 11 of January, may I present to you a story with an uncreative title that takes the place of a … Will sh... Maria De La Cruz has just arrived in the Mediterranean academy of World Academy W. With many things to get covered and a relationship to handle. welp this is my first attempt of theory making. !! Hetalia Imagines Hetalia-Imagines-Scenarios. If it's a photo or article, make sure I'm involved in it or I won't react, because I wouldn't be interested. Welcome to my second book of rants/tweets/random crap. Yun lang po! This story doesn't belong to me but this have spain and england lemon with Philippines enjoy. Hetalia; Reader Insert; Lemon; Language: English Stats: Published: 2014-05-24 Words: 3391 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 12 Kudos: 458 Bookmarks: 15 Hits: 24475. Answers Genres: Drama, Fluff, Friendship, General, Lemon, Lime |. Do you ever wanna know how it feels like to study in World Academy? 2p!Male!Philippines is owned by Kei Takishima. ] I apologize if the quality is crappy, because Camtasia won't cooperate with me. This is just a bunch of short stories and there is no specifical ship in this fanfiction but the... 『 Hetalia Fan fiction 』 Community. Previous; Share Flag; Next; Music: Total Eclipse of the Heart [Fanfic] Russia x Latvia . Part 1: [link] Sorry. Hetalia ~ RU. ), Everything UsPh: Pictures, Headcanons, etc. Spain is on top of England, his dark, tanned fingers entangling themselves in the younger's fair, blonde tresses. I mean, why not? Community. Pamagat/Title: Ill finish the one that is most demanded Tauhan/Character: OC Philippines x the world Babala/Warnings: just quick sketches that people requested and decided to try finishing one of them, so sorry if it looks crappy Buod/Preview: what ever piece is most demanded on being… Rating: K+. Lemon Genre: Romance, (twisted history), Humor Warnings:… [Fanfic… So you can request anything. I'm sorry I can't handle writing a normal love story coz I'm so bitter. about A blog dedicated to fanfiction for the characters of Hetalia: Axis Powers. More. Can your other half convince you of it's truth? (y/n) has been free from the clutches of her past for 2 years now. hetalia_pairs 2009-08-16 20:31:00. Without her knowing it... Japan talks about his past with the Philippines to China in an attempt to comfort him because of his trust issues with her. Hetalia Fanfiction Hub ~Italian Hetalia~ Black Butler. You thin... "Philippines, are you sure you want to do this?" America-senpai! The ASEAN members are having a normal conference, then Luzon came in with a letter on his hands. Berliner Prussia X Philippines at last! I'm sorry I can't handle writing a normal love story coz I'm so bitter. This isn't base on anything just like what I did in the first one so do expect a short one and pure randomness ;;v;;... A lot happened before World War II. You're transferred a new academy ,a prestigious one,from what you've heard. "What is it? So lately, I've been ranting or sharing messages (that are most likely tweets) on my own message board. 2/2/2018 c6 5 SaiChanTheArtistGirl-Risa I've been reading this story since you posted just the first two parts on DA forever ago and was SO excited when I noticed you had made a total of 6 parts so far. links Resources for individual needs Frequently Asked Questions. "That's right Brunei, they de... what happens when every pacific nation gets See more Shared Folder. You may view this as a fanfic of Hetalia. Fanfiction. In order to escape her fate, she teams up with our favorite heroes, Saitama and Genos. {Hetalia Philippines Fanfic} ... portrays Philippines' love life, slightly based on it's history. Hetalia Philippines - VDay Event Submission 14 - They Defined Me. Slovakia is depicted as a young man with somewhat messy hair and a long ahoge curling forward from the back of his head, though the ahoge isn't consistently drawn. You sighed as you laid down on your [F/C] bed. ******************** France attempted to win America over with food, something France was way better at making than England. Hold My Flower Part 2 Eventually, she meets Alfred F. Jones, who comes with an intention to free her from her loveless marriage. It came from the Axis members to invite them all into a conference in 10 whole years. Sawa na po ba kayo sa mga Fan-arts and Fanfics po sa Deviant Art? Her fan-made human name is Maria Clara Carriedo Cruz . for White Stone - 2P Hetalia x Submissive Reader. You were now officially grounded and you weren’t allowed to touch any technology except for your phone. Summary: Tell me, which of these Hetalia characters do you. Germany!" °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° (OCs are welcome, just make sure he/she isn't too perfect. (Except my fan-fiction stories) Suggestions are open! Breathless. hehe. Summary: Alfred never believed in angels and never thought that he will fall in one. America X Reader - That Silly American (LEMON) Butterfingas. Title: A different time from History Rating/s: Adult Teen, R18 (you had been warned!) Credits To: AProudAsian for creating this Shiz. 446 10 6. Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya a... Hello po ulit! Hetalia © Himaruya-sensei Jul 19, 2014 - DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,532 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 130 - Follows: 30 - Published: 11/7/2011 - America, Ancient Rome - Complete The Rose In The Desert by xoBlackIcex reviews this is all about countryhumans! Updated to fix grammar. Accidentally deleted one of the chapters (Ch.9). || Human AU || Is Yours Like Mine? Summary: A little Hetalia fanfic with Germany, Italy, and a spoiled cake. America and England © Himaruya-sensei Meanwhile in the opposite worlds, the two Philippines' tries to fit in and sooner or later, they switched personalities too. Hungry. When the little girl country goes to Gauken Academy with the other countries as the new student and finds things a little weird and tricky on the way with drama. It gives you the same humor, drama, and craziness Hetalia gives you. In his childhood, America … Mistranslations of profiles and strips may also contribute to confusion as well. Usap po tayo rito! Pwede po kayo magtanong or May ipagawa sakin~ Lemon; Sex; Secrets; Summary. Hetalia Imagines Hetalia-Imagines-Scenarios. America-senpai! Come and join the ASEANs as they make the... What's up people, Maria here and I'm rewriting this story. This story contains yaoi and my very first lemon and MANADA! Damn, third book already, I know. Now please keep in mind... hetaliaworldseries; hetaliaamerica; hetaliaphilippines +7 more # 10. Anyways, this is about Philippines being in Hetalia. Hetalia [DEU] Yaoi Worshippers! Asia is the largest continent that covers up 1/4 of the land mass of Earth. Hey guys!So this is my first time writing a fanfic so that means this one may not be the best. FanFiction. Yehey!!! But that does not give you a reason to not read this fanfic! 7. Sakura Letters... Greenland (グリーンランド, Guriinrando) is a fan-made character in the anime and manga series: Hetalia: Axis Powers. Human names used A place called, the Philippines, the place where she belonged. Ako po ang Pilipinas! We also referred "Another Color" as 2Ptalia or alternate versions. Hetalia Imagines. Updated to fix grammar. Along the way she finds that she has more to worry a... Mga lalaki, babae, bakla, at tomboy. Title: The Euro-Fhiles Series: Russia My Sun Part: One-shot Characters: OCPhilippines, Russia, Extended Family Pairings: Sorta Piri x Russia Warnings: Randomness, OC Warning, Fluff, Corporal Punishment (spanking) Summary: He needed someone who could take a beating and ward… Of course, they agreed because it was such a rare event that the Axis held, but such mystery why. The children of the Southeast Asian nations. (as much as possible no dirty stuffs) Pl... Give me any character and i'll try and find fanart of that character x The Philippines. Credits To: Hidekaz(u) Himaruya for creating Hetalia This story is about Maria Clara De La Cruz, the personification of the country, Philippines, who likes Alfred F Jones, the personification of America. Lemon Genre: Romance, (twisted history), Humor Warnings:… [Fanfic] Looking Back Chapter 22. Sooo, why not make a book where I can put all of those messages? America watched Canada very closely as he ate pancakes sitting across from him. In the oceans of the Pacific, there lies a land that was blessed by natural beauty that came from the creator. But as the calamities pile on top of him, how long until he breaks? My name is Maria Clara de la Cruz and I'm personification of the Philippines (Republic of the Philippines). :-). However, America chose England after seeing him crying. The photos will be posted~ After she was done preparing her stuff at midnight.Philippines woke up late in the morning and there were 30 minutes left before the opening ceremony! (Male) Phil. Maria Clara Reyes on her meetings, moments,and adventures! However, I always think of smart ways to avoid doing what you really meant, so make sure to be mor... 1P! Hello, my name is Remi-chan and I love Hetalia. to witness England and France Summary: You had been avoiding him for the past week or so, and it was breaking your heart. Philippines (フィリピン) Philippines (フィリピン, Firipin) is a fan-made character in Axis Powers Hetalia, the series. Anyways, this is about Philippines being in Hetalia. When America was just a baby, England and France fought over who got to be his older brother. You need to have flaws.). Les Membres Être membre, c'est avant tout avoir la possibilité de publier ses fanfictions et de les gérer en ligne, ce qui vous évite de devoir passer par un intermédiaire pour le faire. Author : ArisaAri... Maria Clara dela Cruz-Carriedo is the lovelorn wife of Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, a wealthy but abusive man. Antonio, a friend of hers who betrayed his own people to... well i wanted to make crack(still dunno what crack means) and stuff with hetalia characters! ⠢ ˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ ˗ˏ Lemon boys bio ... Philippines, Is this really you? Literature. She is an archipelago, representing the Republic of the Philippines in South-East Asia. !! Brunei asked concerned for his Filipina friend. In terms of Philippines, she was happy... Maria, as expected, she's a young and beautiful lady. APH - Philippines and America 2018 by edline02 on DeviantArt . While no official color art of him exists, his hair appears in some pictures to be darkish and in others to be very light. Title: Falling In Love with an Angel Part: 1/3 Chapter Title: Meet the Angel Author/Artist: kimikissu07 Character(s) or Pairing(s): America/OC!Philippines, England, Canada, mentions of France and others Rating: T Warnings: OC characters, AU world, human names used, unbeta-ed story. 2ptalia. I do not own Hetalia nor the pictures. [FanFic] A different time from History part 1. Italy's smile only grew. When she was done fixing her self.She ran into a (ve... A certain American stood and watched his love of his life taken by non other than his former colonizer... However, it has finally caught up to her and it isn't planning on losing sight of her again. All That They Are [Hetalia Fanfiction - SpUK] The first time they hold each other is on top of creaking wooden floorboards in a basement of a sea-tossed pirate ship. Japan and the Phillipines:Hetalia - Pocky The Panda - Wattpad. I would LOVE to see more chapters when you can. Stories may not be in order. X America !! Title: A different time from History Rating/s: Adult Teen, R18 (you had been warned!) So this is just a book of Hetalia one shots. 5th Book in A Collision of Worlds Series chronicling the relationship between England and America throughout history. :) Sa mga Google? Forum. Download Free png Pin by Hetalian 4EVER on Hetalia ... hetalia philippines Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com. He wears a jacket over a dress shirt, with a ribbon-like tie around his neck and long slacks. Fanfiction. Title: The Replacement Part: One-Shot Characters: OCPhilippines, Germany, Italy, and a little Prussia Pairings: Possible Germany x OC Philippines Warnings: Teen, Romance, GermanyOOC-ness, gratuitous use of Venice as a backdrop, Unbeta-ed Mind Dribble Summary: He didn't know whether to be annoyed or confused that Italy had a 'date', but before he had a chance to comprehend such an … There will be some random shipping and wonderful events will be written here. You looked up at the ceiling and sighed. (Male) Phil. Now you can!!! -Marvel's Spiderman Piri gave out a slight nod. And then all Countries started be cray' Disclaimer: Yami Ryo does not own Axis Powers Hetalia because if she did then this would've been an episode. Hey guys!So this is my first time writing a fanfic so that means this one may not be the best. But that still doesn't stop me, Maria Clara de la Cruz, from doing dares and answering questions! In the world of great and super awesome countries, there's only on... Maria Santos, also known as the personification of the Philippines, who is secretly dating Kiku Honda, personification of Japan. Berliner Prussia X Philippines at last! Like many manga and anime series, Hetalia: Axis Powers is subject to much fan speculation and various theories, which may turn into misconceptions when newcomers confuse fanon with canon.

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