In season 8 episode 12 Mountain of Madness Carl finds out he is paired with Lenny in their team building exercise he say “ah nuts, I mean… ah nuts”. two homosexuals who have serious african-heat loving on the download if you know how im flowin --- gggg g-unit! Lenford “Lenny” Leonard and Carl Carlson are the best of buddies. The Simpsons Season 18 Episode 7 Quotes (Marge's sculptures of Lenny and Carl are stuck together) Lenny: I can't tell where Carl ends and I begin! 1. Carl and Lenny weren't really major characters yet. 1 Counterparts 2 Parodies 2.1 Lenny 2.2 Carl WARNING: You may add appropriate counterparts. 1. It is focused around Lenny and Carl and is the quest chain after Buddha's Got Back.There are 10 quests in the chain. The Lenny and Carl Quests are the second quest chain in Level 27. Then they edited them together with that hard cut and bam! COMMENT Jan 08 '21. But, do NOT delete any. Lenford "Lenny" Leonard is a recurring character from The Simpsons, and the second best friend of Homer Simpson. We have to keep these two together. Sea Captain (in one episode, Lenny does mention he and Carl had girlfriends briefly at one point) They are always together, even in the men's room and showers, often holding hands. Getting angry without doing the simplest bit of research is how we got to this point in the first place. Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson are characters from The Simpsons. In one episode, at the urinals, when they were side by side, Lenny turns to another man beside him, looks down at the man's crotch, smiles, and says "So, taking a pee?" He is voiced by Harry Shearer. Homer Lenny and Carl are watching outside his window and start laughing and leaving, and Lenny says "I'll catch up," and sticks around to watch-treehouse of horror, a helicopter falls on moe, Lenny, and Carl and Lenny says to Carl, "let me die first, I can't bear to watch you die." They are Homer's second best friends from Moe Syzlak's tavern. He is also best friends with Carl, and they get along with Homer sometimes. Or, he has corona virus, like its been reported. Later on in the seasons, it is very often hinted that both are more than friends, and are attracted to each other. Lenny and Carl are inseparable as friends. But that’s their business! Lenny and Carl are very close friends and always hang out together. It's when they were still trying to get shit together. Its implied he might be in love with Carl, given his obsession with having him close by. The quests are split into 3 parts; Lenny's Downfall (4 quests), Carl's Rise Up The Ladder (3 quests) and True Bromance (2 quests). Lenny and Carl. To which Carl replies, "well okay but hurry up. You got yourself a reasonable sounding Trump. Perhaps they are more than buddies, we may never know 100%. They seem to be Homer’s best buddies and have been since they were kids. Well either that or it was the cheap korean animation kicking in … Lenny and Carl Although it’s never been officially confirmed, numerous episodes have hinted that these two best friends are attracted to each other.

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